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If by chance you ban yourself from your own channel, you can unban yourself by typing /msg ChanServ UNBANME #channel

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Global Gamers Clan Database

Welcome to the Global Gamers Clan Database! The Clan Database has been updated to support all of the new clan services features, so you will be able to find a wealth of new information here. Clans can now list themselves as recruiting, show their game and voice server IPs, link to their clan website, and more!

Please use the following links to navigate the clan database:

Games Clans Clan Challenges

Current Clan Statistics

games being played
clans/teams/divisions recruiting
games currently supported
active clan challenges (scrim requests)
total scrims requested

For those clans or channels that do not wish to be listed in our database, type !clanset hidden on in your channel to hide your clan/channel from being shown in the database.

If you have a clan on Global Gamers and want your clan to be listed here, please visit our GameServ Guide for instructions how to configure your channel in the database. If you want to get a game added to the list of supported games, simply contact our staff in #GlobalGamers and we can add it for you.

We have many new features coming in the near future. We will announce them here, as well as on the Global Gamers website.